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November Challenge
TFC-November by TheMaskedHomie
Ray Toro by Berryblitzstudio
Solar Static by Berryblitzstudio
Week 12 - Darker than BLACK
October Challenge
Hanna Halloween by Piura
.:.Not Dead Yet.:. by Berryblitzstudio
Like A Memory Long Since Past by ToxicStarStudio
Don't Play Fair by ToxicStarStudio
Week 11 - Nightmare Before Christmas
Will We Ever End Up Together? by Berryblitzstudio
Week 10 - Soul Eater
.:.Asymmetrical.:. by Berryblitzstudio
TFC::Strength WIP by nozomi-neko
TFC- Soul Eater by TheMaskedHomie
- Resonance - by ToxicStarStudio
Week 9 - The Legend of Zelda
Link 2050 WIP by JHTriune
Midna by Piura
TFC - Zelda - Zora Link by direndria
LoZ TP: Sacred Grove omake by Farthingale
Week 8 - Disney Renaissance Films
TFC::Who's Got It Going On? by nozomi-neko
TFC - Beauty and the Beast by direndria
TFC- Disney Renaissance films. by TheMaskedHomie
Week 7 - Supernatural
Castiel  FBI by Kirwin85
Week 6- Ponyo
Fujimoto and Ponyo- Daddy Date by Piura
Ponyo Teriyaki by GusterBomb
TFC - Ponyo - Of the Sea by direndria
TFC- Ponyo by TheMaskedHomie
Week 5 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TFC - BtVS - Beginning and End by direndria
Week 4- Fan Art in American History
BenTHINGFranklin by Venikins
Week 3 - Avatar The Last Airbender
A little last minute Toph by Piura
Week 2 - Gankutsuou
Forever Yours by ToxicStarStudio
Week 1 - Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Colette by rainbowpunk10


Week 5 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Heartbreaker by JHTriune
Week 2 - Gankutsuou
Gankutsuou by Inochi-Zero
+Gankutsuou+ by iro-kotori
gankutsuou by kujou-kanata
Gankutsuou WTF??? by Selene-Moon
Week 1 - Tales of Symphonia
Tales of symphonia by anxela-art
Tales of Symphonia - Sylvarant by LightSilverstar
Tales of Symphonia- Tethe'Alla by LightSilverstar
Tales f Symphonia group by Hikari-Akagi
Original Fanart Challenge Club Submissions
RGU - Spin my Heart by MousyLee
Toki Ni Ai Wa by direndria
Weekly Fanart Challenge: Utena by zabka-zee






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Sorry about the long, unexpected wait!  We are all trying to get through life right now, but we'll hopefully start back up soon.  What with all the convention selling/seasonal jobs/promotions/school/fast-approaching holiday (Splee!  It's almost Christmas! 8D ), we just haven't had the time to coordinate our efforts into the group.  Here's hoping that once these crazy days are over, we can get back on schedule! ^^

Thank you all for your continued patience and I hope you all have a great Christmas! <3
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Dreams and Aspirations!

:heart:The Original Fanart Challenge Club:heart:

:star:WHAT WE'RE ABOUT:star:

The Fanart Challenge began when a group of friends had some free time over summer vacation and one of them decided that they wanted to broaden their artistic horizons by challenging themselves (and anyone who would join them) to draw more fanart. This idea was later adopted by another one of the friends after the summer was over and it became a club. While the club was good for a while, it became painfully clear to those running it that the club was just too much work to keep up with. So it slowly (or possibly suddenly) died. Then came the advent of the DA Groups. FINALLY we have an easy, seamless way for people to participate in the challenge! Members can submit their own entries, there are folders for every challenge to be kept straight, anyone can join and much fun will be had!

The decision was made to not convert the original club due to its long period of inactivity. We're starting fresh and, through some trial and error and member input, we're sure that this will be a great group!

Now that the intro is done, let's get to the meat and potatoes of the challenge.

Here's how it works: Once every two weeks (we'll be sure to let you know if we anticipate that it will be more time than that between challenges) the founder and co-founders will choose a challenge. The challenge can be for anything. Any book, any movie, any graphic novel or manga, any anime or television show, any video game -- ANYTHING. When a new challenge is chosen, it will be announced to the group via a new blog (so make sure you watch for our journals).

Participation for every prompt is NOT required, but this is a challenge group! If you don't know anything about the fanart prompt, we still encourage you to draw something for it! If you don't like the prompt, feel free to either ignore it or push yourself to draw something quality for it.

Those who decide to enter the challenge need only draw (or write -- fanfiction is allowed, too, as well as photomanips and other art forms) something for the prompt and submit it to that week's challenge folder.

:star:THE PURPOSE:star:

First and foremost our purpose is to push ourselves to draw the things we love and to see others do the same. It's an appreciation group where we can all celebrate our various fandoms by drawing fanart or writing fanfiction for it.

However, you may ask: So... Why are we challenging ourselves to draw fanart? Isn't there enough of that going around already? Shouldn't we be challenging ourselves to draw original art?

Here's how we see it from an artist's point of view: Fanart is a great way to stretch our artistic wings. Learning to draw someone else's character (whether in your own style or the attempting to mimic the original artist's style) allows an artist to broaden their horizons a bit more. For those that have yet to find their own style, giving them a challenge in which they have to draw for several different prompts allows for them to experiment with different ways of drawing. For writers, writing fanfiction can be a way to find a foreign character's voice as well as experiment with different character types.

Plus... Drawing fanart is fun. We get to pay homage to the things we love~ And really, that's why we do this. ^^



Joining is easy! Just click the "Join Our Group" button on the top bar and you'll be automatically made a member! This group is open to anyone who loves fanart of any and all kinds!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:GENERAL RULES:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletorange: Respect is expected from everyone in the group. No trolling, flaming, insulting, making fun, or general disrespect will be tolerated. Be nice!
:bulletorange: All challenges will be chosen by the administrators. If any member has an idea for a challenge, please note the group!
:bulletorange: THIS IS NOT A CONTEST! There will be no winner and no prizes.


:bulletgreen: There is a strict limit in place of 1 submission per week! That means that a member can only have up to 2 entries for any particular challenge. If a member has drawn more than 2 entries, any subsequent entries can be added to the group via the group favorites.
:bulletgreen: Please submit challenge entries to the proper folder. Folders will be clearly marked based on week number and challenge subject.
:bulletgreen: Entries can be fanart ONLY. Sorry, but we won't accept any OCs or fan characters. Please refrain from drawing (or writing in) any non-official characters into challenge entries.
:bulletgreen: Entries DO NOT have to be finished pieces. HOWEVER we greatly encourage you to finish entries before submitting your entry here and before the time limit is up. This is a challenge group after all! Push yourself!
:bulletgreen: Official art will not be accepted. No vectors, wallpapers, motivational posters, stamps, or any other form of official art (doctored or not) will be rejected. Please keep this in mind when submitting your entries.
:bulletgreen: All art and/or writings must be the work of the artist! Collaborations are allowed as long as it is made clear that the piece was a collaboration in the artist's description. No pirating or art theft will be tolerated.
:bulletgreen: All submissions must be rated PG-13 or lower. If there is any questionable content going by the rules on DA, the image must be marked as mature.
:bulletgreen: All entries must be created after a prompt is given. This means that all entries must be newly created artworks done specifically for the challenge. No old submissions will be accepted.


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I come here to say that this new thing concerning SOPA may involve what your group does, you can check or ignore:…
Piura Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This thing needs to start back up. It was a fantastic idea.
DreadKnight666 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hey! Cool group idea, to bad it seems dead atm...
I have a free open source game project and I'm looking for more fanart.
So it might be a great opportunity if you decide to reboot this group.
The official website is Check out the bestiary to see all the creatures that will make it ingame and the gallery (which contains a few more).
There's even a group here on dA
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lolol i kid, but yes. We should restart this. PLEEEEEEASE.
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For the time being, the group is on hiatus. We'll try to start it back up soon. We'll keep you updated. ^^
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